ClonesCloud’s Easy To Develop Airbnb Clone Script-StaysBnB

Among the best known AirBnB clone scripts is ClonesCloud’s Airbnb clone script called StaysBnB. The vacation rental business is running with high speed and in an innovative manner developing business concepts that are both usable and revenue-generating. Availing accommodation for the world traveller has now become a good business and entrepreneurs can cash on such opportunities by resorting to the purchase and use of Airbnb clone scripts like ClonesCloud’s StaysBnB. The Airbnb clone script comes with a bootstrap responsive design. Such design makes an impressive vacation rental website outlook for almost every portable device befitting the screen resolution. The clone script also provides option for property request. The clone script allows users to place their host preference for accommodation property and they can get an expected quote regarding that almost instantly. The Airbnb clone script also comes with an integrated Google analytics so that the owner of the website (the entrepreneur) can know the current website position and its ranking in the market. It provides deeper insight to the entrepreneur by bringing out extensive study of site activities in terms of users, transactions and about revenue details. The Airbnb clone script also comes with a currency convertor. Due to having this feature it becomes easier for worldwide travellers to efficiently transfer their accommodation payment in their own regional currency. The Airbnb clone script also has the option of allowing affiliates. Users can become affiliate members of the website and by becoming so more traffic can be drawn in.

The Airbnb clone script is plugin friendly and that’s the reason why the host can add any kinds of modules to the vacation rental business with ease. Site consistency is greatly enhanced by such action. The clone script has a pre-launch mode that alert target users about the vacation rental site launch, and during this process their email ids would be collected. The clone script also comes with a beta mode which can be accessed before the actual launch of the website. The advertisement captcha ingrained in the Airbnb clone script avoids spamming and it paves the way for earning revenue whenever a user enters the captcha word. By allowing the posting of advertisement banners, the clone script allows the owner to host third party commercial ads in the website and earn revenue from the same. Moreover, whenever on the Airbnb clone script a host’s listed property gets booked by the site travellers, earning opportunity comes.